We have received quite a number of messages from resellers and industrial customers of analog film over time - Thank You!

Due to limited production capacity in our start-up phase, it will be many months before we are able to ramp up production to a scale necessary to fulfill wholesale and factory-direct orders.

Until then, we are eager to build our contact database, and we invite you to complete this form for our future reference

Retailer instructions

If you are an online or physical retail shop selling directly to the public only, and you are interested in wholesale purchases of our branded products, please complete as much of this form as possible.

Industrial customer Instructions

If you are a company in need of unbranded, finished or semi-finished analog imaging products - please complete sections #1, #2 and #5.
If you also maintain a retail presence, please complete all sections.

Distributor Instructions

While our short-term plans will rely on direct sales, we are well aware of the advantages of traditional distribution networks. If you are a distributor only and do not sell to the public - please complete sections #1, #2 and #5. If you also maintain a retail presence, please complete all sections.

We will be in touch when the time is right!

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