Press Mentions

(Jan 26, 2015) is back with a very nice companion piece

(Jan 23, 2015) Italian media giant sent a video crew...

(Jan 23, 2015) ...and a fantastic slideshow!

(Jan 23, 2015) Two of them, actually

(Jan 14, 2015) Portuguese DSLR magazine posted a piece about our Founders Wall

(Dec 28, 2014) Maybe Kickstarter shouldn't get ALL the credit - but they sure helped!!  (PDF of the article in USA Today and Italia Oggi)

(Nov 4, 2014) Brazilian blogger Antonio Shalders wrote a nice piece

(Oct 20, 2014) Props from our pals at 

(Oct 19, 2014) The Indieplex magazine likes us, too!

(Oct 16, 2014) Italian telecom Tiscali mentions us on their technology blog

(Oct 15, 2014) Kamera & Bild of Sweden pointed us out

(Oct 15, 2014)  German site Slashcam gives us a mention

(Oct 13, 2014) Top 5 Kickstarters - Turning Pro Mag

(Oct 12, 2014) Fist-bump from The Online Darkroom

(Oct 10, 2014) Lomo shares the love

(Oct 3, 2014) Casual Photophile gives their support to our Kickstarter

(Oct 2, 2014) "Viva Nicola e Marco" - La Stampa

(Oct 2, 2014) German-language overview of the FILM Ferrania Kickstarter on 

(Oct 1, 2014) Pop Photo gives us a shoutout

(Oct 1, 2014) A very nice mention from Swedish photographer Jens Rosengren 

(Oct 1, 2014) DSLR Magazine in Spain posted a lovely announcement of our Kickstarter

(Oct 1, 2014) Interview on FStoppers about the ambitions of FILM Ferrania

(Sept 30, 2014) The Film Photography Podcast interview with FILM Ferrania is now available

(Sept 30, 2014) Ted Forbes of The Art of Photography podcast explains the Kickstarter campaign

(Sept 26, 2014) View the recorded Q&A with The Art of Photography

(Sept 24, 2014) Pdexposures Podcast Episode 39 – Film Ferrania update 

JapanCameraHunter interview with FILM Ferrania founder Nicola Baldini. (August 2013)

Italian Photography Company Ferrania to Get Back into Film Business (July 31, 2013) - by Lomography 

Reddit is taking notice. Thanks to wievid for the post.

We're the #1 topic on the cine film forum

We dig the awesome Ferrania Wonderland group on Flickr.

PetaPixel picked up our "Countdown Begins" post.

Spanish gadget site Quesabesde is pretty excited about our announcements.

Wittner Cinetek posted a detailed examination after visiting the factory in early 2014.



Below are official FILM Ferrania visual assets for use with the following guidelines:

  • Please do not alter these images in any way other than simple resizing for your purposes.
  • Always attempt to use the highest possible resolution.
  • Always provide a link to
  • For photographs, please add credit: "Courtesy of FILM Ferrania"

Click any thumbnail below to download a Zip archive.

FILM Ferrania logo package    JPG, PNG, EPS in three colors

FILM Ferrania logo package
JPG, PNG, EPS in three colors

"Effe"  JPG, PNG, EPS files

JPG, PNG, EPS files

Graphics for Kickstarter campaign promotion  Hi-rez JPG in three styles

Graphics for Kickstarter campaign promotion
Hi-rez JPG in three styles