The P30 Kickstarter Program


During March and April, 2017, we made an offer to all Kickstarter Backers of "100 More Years of Analog Film".

The intention was to honor, as best we were able, the patience and support our Backers have shown to us over time.

All backers were sent to a form that offered two potential options.



Keep Your Original Reward and buy FERRANIA P30® ALPHA at a huge discount!

We urgently, but most humbly request that you KEEP your original reward. This is the very best way to support our long-term efforts, and in return, you will receive some exclusive benefits.

If you choose this option, you will receive a coupon code for our web shop and a special invitation...

  1. The coupon code is for a one-time purchase of up to 5 rolls of FERRANIA P30® at €5/$5 per roll when the shop opens.
  2. To acknowledge your unique status as a Kickstarter Backer, you will be invited to an exclusive Friend of FILM program. As a Friend of FILM, you will receive an exclusive enamel pin, a lifetime discount on website purchases, early access to special products and events, and other benefits. This program will launch in June 2017 and will only be available to Backers who choose to KEEP their original reward.

Obviously, we want you to choose Option 1. If you do, we will contact you directly with the full details of everything mentioned above once the survey period has ended.


Switch Your Reward for FERRANIA P30®35mm film.

As we all know, our project has faced a number of long delays. It is natural for some of you to lose faith in our long-delayed quest for color production. Perhaps you simply want this long wait to be over. Maybe you love black and white film most of all!

Whatever your reason, we understand - and so we offer the following “exchange rate” to switch your original reward for a FERRANIA P30® ALPHA reward.


option 3

You can also make no choice and you'll receive your original reward as promised!


This offer was open from March-April 2017

5,317 Backers were contacted.

2,842 Backers replied to the form.

94% chose Option 1 - 6% chose Option 2

Option 2 will be available again in 2018.