The LRF is Ours Again

Factory Update: July-August 2018

The custom-built equipment for our new internal power plant arrived at the end of June and the installation happened right on schedule. This was the last of the government-mandated repairs and upgrades that have kept the LRF closed since February.

The offending transformers, removed and ready for recycling.

The offending transformers, removed and ready for recycling.

The building was officially returned to us on July 16.

With yet another delay behind us, our co-founder Marco Pagni has created a very detailed plan to restart with continuous production of film, and with the ability to create final products in-house. The to-do list is long, but the work has already begun.

The top priority now is upgrading the air treatment unit that serves the entire building. The LRF was originally used for experimental production, and during the final years of Ferrania Technologies, the air treatment unit was not maintained to the proper standards.

One of the main things we learned from P30 ALPHA production was that the air quality was not up to the standards necessary for retail production. As a result, we had huge costs in wasted materials during the last production runs. This obviously needs to be fixed before we produce anything more.

Continuous production means we will be coating, converting, packaging and making cases of 100 rolls every day of the week, week after week. This is a major step from the single-batch coating we did last year, and so Marco's punch-list is quite long.

Our team has been returning on a staggered schedule. Corrado and Luisa are already at work to optimize the production workflow and prepare orders for raw materials. The full team will be back at the beginning of September.

We have learned big lessons from the production last year.
We have a lot to do and a very clear plan for doing it.

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