Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Photo by David Burney

Photo by David Burney

As 2018 draws to a close, we offer a small update for those of you who are following along with our epic story.

We want to ensure everyone that our work continues even if reporting on that work has proven to be next to impossible. Our situation changes on a daily basis which makes publishing updates problematic.

More importantly, we clearly understand that continuing to speculate about what may happen in the next few weeks or months must stop. We are clearly bad at predicting the future, and despite our honest intentions at transparency, continuing to speculate is not fair to anyone.

As such, you will not hear much from us until we have products ready to ship.

The Plan

As we said a few months ago, we have been pursuing a new plan:

  1. We must be able to produce film continuously.

  2. We must be able to produce final, retail-ready products entirely in-house.

  3. We must radically reduce waste.

These things have always been goals, however our original plan was to make film and simultaneously work toward these goals over time. Reality has shown us that it is far too disruptive to work on the building while production is happening - and that we must meet these three goals first, before we can do anything else.

Of course we have some ideas internally about how long this work will take. We remain very confident in our plan, our team and our goals, but we simply do not know when we will be 100% ready to begin sales, and we will not speculate in public any longer.

The Rewards

No group has suffered longer with our inability to predict the future than our Kickstarter Backers. We feel that we have put the facts out there in good faith, and while a majority of our Backers continue to be entirely supportive, we understand that a number of Backers are intensely frustrated.

At this point in time, our objective is not to provide you with a date about the delivery of color reversal film, nor is it to repeat the facts that we have reported over the past years.

Our objective is to honor our Backers by giving you control over your pledge.

We are in the process of building a tool that gives you that control. This tool will allow you to update your shipping and email info whenever you like, and your original pledge will become a credit that you can use at any time in the future. All Backers will be notified when it is ready.

We wish everyone the very best for this holiday season and a Happy New Year!

The FILM Ferrania Team

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