FILM Ferrania: (Almost) Six Years in the Making

Normally, when we are quiet it's because we are very busy. This time the opposite is true.

Our factory has been offline since February of this year when a number of issues - some small and some major - combined to make production impossible.

This was the third potentially devastating delay we have faced in as many years. Once again, we doubled our efforts to keep the ship afloat, and we are still very much alive and kicking.

We are happy to report that the major factory issues have been fixed, and the final step of installing our new power plant is underway. Our team will be fully operational again later this month.

We are also thrilled to say that we have secured the resources necessary to finally provide continuous production of P30 film with all processes done in-house.

Photo by Andrea Zambelli on Ferrania P30 ALPHA

If you have been following our story, you will understand that this is truly game-changing for us.

Our co-founders, Nicola Baldini and Marco Pagni first set foot on the old Ferrania campus nearly six years ago while searching for The Other 85. After their visit, they formed a company and began to examine the viability of restoring the LRF as a scaled-down but fully capable, cinema-quality film factory.

FILM Ferrania was officially announced in July of 2013, and we know that at least a few thousand people out there have been watching our progress (or lack thereof) for five years now.

In September 2014, we welcomed nearly 5500 Kickstarter Backers to our community, and although we are three years past our original deadline, the vast majority of our Backers remain astonishingly patient and supportive.

Today, our community numbers in the tens of thousands. In your posts and comments and emails we see group of people who are very passionate about film in general, and who show continued enthusiasm about the vision of what FILM Ferrania can be. For this, we cannot thank you enough. With your encouragement (and even your criticism), we have made it through the darkest time in our history, and we have emerged stronger than ever.

We will now return to being very quiet and very busy. It is going to take all of our time and effort to stay completely focused on preparing the factory to restart with continuous, uninterrupted production.

We will see you again in Fall 2018.

Header photo by Andrea Zambelli

David Bias

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