A Major Transition is Underway

"Firecrackers" by Jim Shulman

"Firecrackers" by Jim Shulman

"When is P30 going to be in stock?"

Every day, we see an email or comment asking this question. And every day, we try to provide answers. But a detailed answer is impossible because things change almost every day. We have already had to scrap several updates due to the fluid situation - so we'll keep it simple.

The primary reason for the current production delay is that the government has stepped back into the picture to complete a lot of things that were left undone a couple of years ago. 

(To refresh your memory, take a look at this post)

Work has started already, and as soon the major issues are fixed we will be able to access the production areas to make new film batches while contractors continue to work in other parts of the building.

By the end of this major transition, we will have a permanent solution for gas, water and electricity. In addition, our building will be sealed from the elements, and thus we will be able to properly control the internal temperature and humidity, regardless of what's going on outside.

We have not talked about these issues so much - mostly because our team has found ways to continue working despite the situation. But not having these problems at all is obviously ideal - and so we are taking this opportunity to fix things once and for all.

And when P30 is back in stock, we will most certainly tell you so!

David Bias

New Yorker. Crazy for old cameras and analog film. But I love sci-fi. Go figure.