Scaling Up, Pt. 2

Attention all Pre-Order Customers:

Orders began shipping on April 7, just a few days after the first cases of film were released to our warehouses, however this was a very small amount.

This is not because we like to keep all of our film to ourselves, but because we are taking quality control very seriously.

We have a lot to learn about this new/old P30 film and in order to assure every customer receives perfect film, each roll is being hand-checked after it is spooled. So far, many rolls have been set aside due to some mark or stripe seen in the tail that sticks out of each finished roll.

Most of these were "false positives" - perfectly good rolls that nonetheless showed a sign that they might not be - but we had to be sure. After a thorough evaluation, we have made adjustments to our process to eliminate these issues.

Production has resumed and we are doing our best to drastically increase the volume of film available to warehouses.

We are entirely focused on shipping all existing pre-orders. The shop will remain closed until these orders are shipped and we are able to build up significant stock in our warehouses.

When we re-open the shop, it will be for orders that will ship immediately - not pre-orders.

David Bias

New Yorker. Crazy for old cameras and analog film. But I love sci-fi. Go figure.