Scaling Up

Everything about making film in The LRF is uniquely and intensely complex. Yet every day, we must find solutions - and usually, the simplest ones are best.

For those who just want some film, ASAP - please enjoy the video. For those who like a bit more explanation, please read on...

Since day one, we have been making plans to scale up our production.

In fact, we launched our Kickstarter way back in October 2014 specifically to be able to purchase equipment we knew we would need in order to expand the capacity of "Little Boy" coating machine.

Even with all our planning, we must admit to being somewhat unprepared for the overwhelming response we've received from the film community since announcing our first product, FERRANIA P30® ALPHA. In our most outrageous speculations, we never guessed we would need to make tens of thousands of rolls right from the beginning.

But the community has spoken and this is exactly what we need to do!

When we first began testing, we were making emulsions in a 10-liter batches, which produces around 1,000 rolls of 35mm film. Each preparation of emulsion needs time for the chemicals to react, and then must cure for a few days in the freezer to stabilize it before it is then thawed and coated. The coated miniJumbo must then be checked for quality, slit to 35mm bands, perforated, and sent out for finishing - the stage where it is spooled into canisters, put into plastic tubs, and boxed for shipping to our warehouse.

As of February 1st, when we announced FERRANIA P30® ALPHA to the world - we were only able to make about 1,000 rolls of film each WEEK.

Within hours after the announcement, it was clear that we needed to figure out to be able to produce much more, much faster. The team quickly set to work retrieving our 30-liter tank from storage and getting it ready for production, and Corrado has worked overtime to make batches in parallel instead of one at a time. This increases our production capacity to around 3,000 35mm rolls per week.

And we still need to make more...

It will take some time to get the huge 80-liter tank online and working, and the team is pressing forward to ensure that we can meet demand once we are ready to begin shipping the first rolls.

There is MUCH more to this story and we'll be making some more posts in the coming days and weeks to keep everyone updated on our status.

David Bias

New Yorker. Crazy for old cameras and analog film. But I love sci-fi. Go figure.