What Happened to 2015?

We entered 2015 with a head of steam, a batch of emulsion and a schedule in place to produce and ship our first batch of film.

Our team collected resources, cleaned the coater by hand, and had everything in place to begin the first of three (potentially four) test runs.

Everything was on schedule to get the first batch completed before the government-led team of contractors would descend on the building to begin necessary projects designed to bring the building up to full production capability.

Then a crew found asbestos in the building and one by one, the steps in our tightly-scheduled plan crumbled away.

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The Takeaway

We hope these charts show clearly that we had just one chance to make film during the 2015 R&D Phase... It was a narrow window and when it closed, all efforts turned to readying ourselves for the Production Phase.

It should be noted that R&D and Production phases are very different, and the names are not arbitrary at all. Government regulations are very different for these two phases - and the transition from one phase to the other has required an enormous amount of paperwork, lawyers and meetings with Regione Liguria to make sure everything is up to standards.

For those of you who wish to learn more about the details shown in these charts, please feel free to ask us questions in the comments below and we'll do our best to answer in detail.

While 2015 has been frustrating for us all, the net result is positive!

The upgrades to our building have been far more extensive than we originally expected. The government picked up the tab for a few things that we originally expected to pay for ourselves. Perhaps most importantly, because of the support of our Kickstarter backers, we have managed to salvage even more machinery and other useful items than we had originally planned.

Nicola's LRF Walkthrough

In this extended version of a video released in December 2015, our founders show the many additions and changes at The LRF.

FILM Ferrania: Year One

From any perspective, 2015 was terrible. We didn't make film, plain and simple.

But we enter 2016 in a much better position than if everything had gone to the original plan. We spent the month of January finalizing all of the paperwork for FILM Ferrania and now our operations and staff are fully ready to begin the Production Phase.

To be clear, our team still faces weeks of assessment and testing - but we have checked off several more of the most fundamental pieces to our particularly complex puzzle.

Although we have been hard at work on this project for three years, we are now prepared for FILM Ferrania: Year One.

Grazie mille a tutti quanti!


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