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Making the Rewards, Part 4

Ferrania Technologies, our neighbor, originally used a huge chemical synthesis department to feed Big Boy. However, their focus today is strictly on pharmaceutical products and they can longer produce the photographic materials that were produced for almost 70 years.

So we are building our own “department” inside the LRF.

The Best Laid Plans...

As with many things, our original plans have had to adapt to various realities that we contend with on a daily basis.

A tiny portion of our chemical "archive"

“Plan A” was to use chemicals we have in stock which were acquired from Ferrania Technologies. It is a short-term strategy only, but there are some materials we have in huge quantities - enough to last 50 years at our production rate! However, we have discovered that there are other chemicals that are scarce - perhaps enough for just one or two batches. And all of the chemicals are old and aging every day.

Plan A can no longer work for us.

“Plan B” is now possible because of Ivano. With Ivano in his kitchen, we don’t have to worry about the stock of aging chemistry from the old company. We can instead use these old chemicals for analysis and comparison. When this was decided, we began immediately to re-build a miniature organic chemical synthesis “kitchen” inside the LRF. We will expand it over time as demand for our film increases.

Plan B is the right plan for 100 more years of analog film.

The Chef at Work in his Kitchen

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Even having the right equipment and a great Chef, organic chemical synthesis is no picnic!

We need recipes of course, and a LOT of time. What does a LOT of time mean? Weeks. Chemical reactions need time to do their work and cannot be accelerated. It seems strange, but to create just one sensitizer requires weeks of a chemist’s time. The good news is that time is relatively independent from the amount of material produced - we need just to use a “pot” of a different size.

Using Plan B, our small-scale synthesis lab can be run by just one person (with a sorcerer’s apprentice to help), and can produce about 1Kg in finished materials. This is more than enough for a small scale production because each square meter of film contains a very small fraction of a gram of each sensitizer.

Ivano uses his intuition and great experience - but his eyes and nose (and sometimes tongue) are his best tools.

Ivano is our newest team member, but his long history with Ferrania makes him one of the most experienced.

Ivano del Prato began his career at Ferrania in the late 60s and finished his Master’s Degree on the job. He quickly became the top scientist specialized in sensitizer, and has designed the sensitizers used in the vast majority of Ferrania color films.

His skills run very deep. Although he often worked on advanced automated equipment, he is also uniquely capable of using traditional methods of synthesis and analysis. This makes him perfect for FILM Ferrania’s old-school chemical kitchen.

Ivano took total control of our synthesis activities because we must move fast to make several more sensitizers, as well as other components we need for manufacture of color reversal film.

This is a sample of a sensitizer from the 50s - just one of hundreds we have in our “archive”

This is a sample of a sensitizer from the 50s - just one of hundreds we have in our “archive”

Remarkably, all of the products recovered from Ferrania Technologies and are still good for use.

We have learned, however, that these old chemicals have much greater value to us as reference materials, and so it is better to make new chemistry for our first products.

This may seem like unnecessary work that will add significantly to our timeline, but Ivano already synthesized one sensitizer! OK, it's a really small quantity but it demonstrates the feasibility - and best of all, it’s enough for the very first batch!

Using Ivano’s new sensitizer, we expect to run our first real test on the coater next week!

Having an in-house chemical synthesis operation - whatever the size - is one of the fundamental building blocks of our 100-year vision. The “kitchen” is now in place, and once Ivano's work is ready, we move one giant step closer to announcing a final timeline for color production.

Our team continues to applaud your patient and encouraging belief in our vision. We hope this announcement shows clearly that we are closer than ever to beginning 100 More Years of Analog Film.

David Bias

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