In the Loop

Making the Rewards, Part 5

We have been busy cutting Jumbos down to the size needed by Little Boy using our refurbished antique slitter. There was one final step, and one more machine, necessary for this process...

Acetate base is quite fragile before it has been coated. To strengthen the base enough to be pulled through the coater, it is necessary to cauterize the edges of the entire spool. Just like the hem on a piece of clothing, melting the edges of the acetate base creates a tiny but critical buildup that strengthens it considerably.

The Testing Loop

Long ago, we explained the stages of testing that we needed to do before production could begin. These stages overlap sometimes, but here they are:

  1. Repair and clean the “Little Boy” precision coater.

  2. Prepare the acetate base material we will use for testing and production.

  3. Synthesize the necessary chemistry for coating.

  4. Run coater tests.

  5. Analyze the results of the tests.

  6. Make any necessary changes to steps #1-#4

  7. Repeat until it’s film

We have successfully looped through these stages a couple of times now, and this week, the coater room went dark so that we could perform our first tests with actual silver-based emulsion. The looping continues next week.

We won’t be able to make photos or videos in the coating room from now on, but we won’t keep you in the dark. We will continue posting regular weekly updates about coater tests and begin to introduce you to other parts of our operations.

David Bias

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