The Notorious "Big Chiller" Has Arrived at the LRF!

The Big Chiller is the final piece of our very intricate puzzle, and as we mentioned in our last post, it was a huge roadblock in our plans.

Pictured above are the prepared concrete bases and hookups that both chillers will utilize. The Little Chiller is already being relocated to it's permanent home (on the right in the photo) and contractors will begin installing the Big Chiller next week. 

We have oversimplified things a lot by naming this system "Chillers." You can think of the Chillers like massive air conditioners, but that's only part of their functionality. The Chillers maintain specified atmospheric conditions within various rooms of the LRF, and as outlined in an article several months ago, they also play a direct role in the coater, cooling the emulsion to the precise density necessary to make film.

Once installed, we will enter a phase of testing to receive official accreditation of the building's services, overseen by the Italian government. Our founder, Nicola Baldini, puts this in perspective:

"The government bureaucracy surrounding the official testing and accreditation of all equipment is something totally out of our control. And unfortunately other surprises can come."

This fact alone makes it very difficult to announce a new timeline for delivery of Kickstarter rewards and the start of general production - but we want to ensure everyone that the government is aware of our obligations to backers, and has every incentive to make this process go both quickly and smoothly.

Once this phase is complete, we will be able to resume our coating and production tests that were originally scheduled for March and April - and of course announce an updated schedule!

With this said, we are thrilled to announce that the engine we call FILM Ferrania has officially restarted!

David Bias

New Yorker. Crazy for old cameras and analog film. But I love sci-fi. Go figure.