The Big Chiller & The Transformator

Making the Rewards - Part 3

Since the arrival of the Big Chiller at the end of September, there have been teams of contractors and a blur of activity at the LRF. 

In addition to the big items shown below, the LRF now has a new elevator (or lift, if you prefer), and a whole new set of security cameras keeping an eye on our new fence. These are just the latest enhancements to our facility that have always been a part of the Italian government's overall plan.

Our co-founder, Marco Pagni, has been practically living in the LRF throughout the last few months to ensure that all of the teams are informed about the overall scope of the different projects and making sure they are properly coordinated.

The Big Chiller: Installed

Many thanks to Paolo Perini, a contractor who assisted with the final installation of the Big Chiller. Paolo is also very passionate about our project, and he commemorated the occasion...

The Transformer: Installed

Yet another piece of industrial machinery has been installed. We've been calling in "The Transformator" since it's not just a transformer, but also a line conditioner.

Below is a video of the Transformator going through its final tests...

...and a photo gallery of its final installation on the grounds of the LRF.

With both chillers and the new transformer permanently installed, we have reached a critical milestone in our development.

The contractors have submitted all of their final documentation for approval and after a series of inspections, we will receive official certification from the Italian government. 

With this said, we want to make it clear that the complexity of the overall situation at the LRF is really at a peak - and it is beyond our ability to adequately convey to you all that is happening. The video and photos above are just the slightest glimpse.

We are still not entirely ready to announce a new timeline for the start of production, but with so many things now finished, we think it's just a matter of weeks before we can give everyone a clear picture of the next steps.

David Bias

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