January Updates

The biggest single milestone in a somewhat busy January was the delivery of our "Postcard from Italy" reward to our Kickstarter backers. The video above was put together by Nicola during the postcard "signing ceremony."

We also launched the Founders Wall, listing nearly 5,000 of our backers by name. We are in the process of collecting info from the rest of our backers and we will soon be updating the Founders Wall with additional names and stats.

In addition, we have shared a number of images and other information about progress at the factory through our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr accounts. We do encourage you to follow us on as many channels as possible - but for those who don't, we have compiled a series of photos and other info that we have shared throughout January. Read on!

Salvage Operations

January was very snowy in Ferrania which made for lovely photos outside but made for very cold conditions indoors - we had to bring in portable heaters to help keep the temperature at optimal work conditions!

The machinery we acquired from Ferrania came with a LOT of documentation; manuals, microfilms and blueprints. This documentation had been stored in the former engineering building and it needed to be moved to our new home base in the L.R.F. building. Here are some photos and a video taken during the process.

Some of the machinery being moved to the L.R.F. Building was too big to fit through the doors necessitating some quick demolition!

One of the most important ways to test film is to actually run it through a camera. While documenting the move of machinery and materials to the L.R.F. Building we came across a selection of 35mm cameras used to test film.

The Italian Press Takes Notice

Repubblica.it is one of the largest news organizations in all of Italy. They recently visited the factory and interviewed Nicola Baldina and Corrado Balestra about the Kickstarter campaign and plans for the future. Even for those who don't speak Italian, it's a great glimpse into operations at the L.R.F. building.

The Repubblica.it blog also published a companion story “Welcoming Back Ferrania!” (In Italian)

Video Contest

We extended the deadline of our “So you think you’re a director” contest to February 9th. The winner receives a $250 credit to our online shop. We encourage everyone to download some clips and put together your own reinterpretation.

Much More to Come!

In the coming weeks, you will be hearing from us a lot more often...

We are now finalizing our schedule for the production of our first film batch. We will describe this process in great detail with infographics, photos and videos.

As mentioned, we are also updating the Founders Wall, tweaking the Shop, and compiling a huge list of E6-capable labs around the world.

Once again, we encourage you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest for all of the latest info as soon as it is released. Click any of the icons at the bottom of this page to connect with us.

David Bias

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