Marco Pagni and Nicola Baldini during the filming of the Kickstarter video

Two years ago, our founders Nicola and Marco visited the old Ferrania campus for the first time.

They were looking only to purchase a couple of motion picture perforating machines that they hoped to use to start a small business making Super 8 and 16mm film products using stock purchased from other sources.

The opportunity that was presented by the former Ferrania team was far beyond their hopes, and as time passed, a dream was born to revive roll film for both cinema and stills.  A dream to make this film "from scratch" in a self-contained factory. A dream for a redesigned factory that could remain viable for the next 100 years.

Along the way, many people asked questions.

"Don't you know that film is dead?" people queried.

"Don't you understand how expensive and complicated it is to run a factory?"

What they were really asking was: "Are you crazy?"

The truth is that when so many people ask you if you are crazy, you begin to wonder...

On Tuesday, September 30th, we launched our Kickstarter project called "100 More Years of Analog Film" with the hope that the world would prove that we aren't crazy at all - that our vision was something that was desired.

The overwhelming response we have received has confirmed our sanity. In fact, with funding of 128%, our backers have proven to the world that film is not going anywhere.

We live in an age of unprecedented photographic choice. Never in history have people had so many options for making movies and photographs. However, for many analog shooters, this choice has been decreasing in recent years.

FILM Ferrania aims to reverse this trend and to expand the choices that everyone enjoys.

It is impossible to truly convey our thanks to our Kickstarter backers and everyone else who has supported us over the past two years. Without the amazing community of analog photographers and filmmakers, all of those people asking us if we were crazy would have been right.

Thank you, everyone, for standing up for the future of analog film.

David Bias

New Yorker. Crazy for old cameras and analog film. But I love sci-fi. Go figure.