So You Think You're a Director?

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We recently shared some awesome motion picture tests that were discovered by our team when sorting through the old buildings, but there was one particular reel we found that wasn't test footage...

  • There are scenes from at least two different films, perhaps three.
  • Marco Polimeni pointed out to us that at least a couple of the clips are from "Sindbad contro i sette saraceni" by Emimmo Salvi, 1964. Thanks, Marco!
  • These clips were tests made on Ferraniacolor and shot alongside another camera loaded with Kodak film. They were then compared side-by-side for someone to choose. We're not sure if it was the producer, director, director of photography who commissioned these tests, or if they were shot by Ferrania staff, perhaps to make a reel for sales purposes.
  • The reel was found lying in a puddle of water in one of the buildings. Marco Pagni took the reel and restored it as a test project, and then scanned it for our amusement.


We want YOU to make a new movie out of the pieces.

We have cut this reel into its various scenes that you can preview and download below. Grab as many or as few as you want. Add a soundtrack, voiceovers, lip-dubs, effects - whatever you want!

We're going to leave these things online for a long time, and we hope everyone just has fun playing around with the clips - but we want to encourage the director in everyone with a little contest...

Post your clip and share it with us before February 9, 2015 for a chance at a special prize!

Grand Prize

$250 to spend in our online shop

Runner-Up Prizes (2)

$50 to spend in our online shop

The Rules

  1. Your video must primarily consist of the clips provided
  2. Share a link to your video in the comments area at the bottom of this page.
  3. The link must be posted by midnight EST, February 9, 2015
  4. FILM Ferrania founder, Nicola Baldini, will select one winner and two runners-up and we will announce the winners on February 16, 2015. 
  5. We reserve the right to remove any entries we consider inappropriate or against the rules.

The Clips

To download, click the link and look for the Download button immediately under the video. You can get them one by one, or we have collected them on a Vimeo page.


David Bias

New Yorker. Crazy for old cameras and analog film. But I love sci-fi. Go figure.