100 more years of analog film

“We are FILM Ferrania and we are in the process of building a new kind of analog film factory in northern Italy. To be viable for the long-term, this factory must be self-contained - producing finished still photo and motion picture products from nothing more than raw materials.”

This was our opening statement when we launched our Kickstarter Campaign on Monday, September 29, 2014. Our campaign, unlike many others on Kickstarter, was truly about offering rewards, in the purest sense, in exchange for our Backers contributing to this long-term goal.

Thanks to our Backers, we were able to purchase everything we need for the future of our company. Most of this equipment remains in storage for now, but will be moved, renovated and reactivated over time as we grow.


Original video from FILM Ferrania's October 2014 Kickstarter campaign

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Campaign Results

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Total Funding Raised

Without this funding, there would be no FILM Ferrania today.