The Kickstarter Exchange

Hello, if you are seeing this page without seeing the announcement of this program, please read that first.


  1. Find the email we sent to you with the subject line “Activate your Backer Account.”

    • Please check ALL your inboxes. The message was sent to ALL the email address associated with your Kickstarter Account(s).

  2. Click the link in that email and follow the steps to add a password to your account.

    • This will involve another email or two for confirmation.

  3. When activated, a Backer Gift Card will be added to your account in the amount of your original Kickstarter pledge.

Rules (Unfortunately)

Attention: During the first months of this Exchange Program, we must limit the amount of film for Backer Gift Card purchases. A portion of every production batch will be set aside for Backers. This limit will not be permanent - only until our production volume catches up with general demand.

  1. All Backer Gift Card purchases must be made in the North American shop, regardless of the Backer’s shipping location.

  2. Since all pledges were made in US dollars, all Backer Gift Cards are also in US dollars.

  3. Backer Gift Cards do not expire.

  4. Gift cards are not physical - they exist only in your account in our shop.

  5. Gift cards work the same as any other form of payment during checkout.

  6. Using your gift card applies to your entire cart balance, including shipping and any taxes.

  7. Gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash or used with other shop discount codes.

  8. If you don’t use the full amount all at once, a balance will remain in your account. A link will be emailed to you that allows you to check the balance.

  9. We are using the default Gift Card functionality built into Shopify, our e-commerce platform. If you have any other questions about the way this tool works, please see the Shopify Gift Card FAQ Page.