Our Mission


FILM Ferrania, originally founded in 1917, is one of only three factories in the world able to research, develop and manufacture color and black & white film totally in-house - and we are the only one whose core business is 100% focused on film.

We have only just begun, and we have an enormous task ahead of us - but when we are fully operational, we will produce both still photo and motion picture film in multiple formats. 

We aim for nothing less than fundamentally changing the way you buy, use and process film in the 21st century.

Most importantly, we aim to restore confidence in the future of analog film.

Our philosophy is simple:
Film needs love and we are people who love film. So let's do this!


Want to stock our new films when they are released? We are collecting info from shops around the world who love analog film.


Even though FILM Ferrania is tucked away in the forest, you can't build a next-generation analog film factory and NOT get noticed...

About our Factory

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A Brief History of Ferrania

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