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We know that the film market remains very very strong in the face of terrible obstacles.  

We want to put the odds back in your favor. FILM Ferrania wants to make the film you want us to make. 

We're in the early stages of ramping up, but already the response has been fantastic. We know you are checking in on us and here's an opportunity to say something more.

We would like to get to know you folks a little better, so please take a minute and complete this survey.  

Your feedback will be invaluable to us as we begin to set up operations.


The Survey is now closed.

Please choose as many as you like that describe your relationship to film
Please choose only formats you have actively used in the last 12 months
Please choose only the formats you have actively used in the last 12 months
We're sure we missed one or two...
Which do you do most often?
Which do you do most often?
Estimate the cost of film, processing, scanning (in the lab or yourself) - maybe even your precious time and tell us what you think you pay to shoot a roll of film today.
What would you LIKE to pay for all of this stuff? Of course we can all have it for free in our dreams, but please try to be as realistic as possible with your answer.
Take this opportunity to spill your guts, say your peace, lay it all on the table...