The price of the film is incredibly high! More than any other on the market! I have to sell a kidney to afford it!

All of us are also victims of basic economics. If a product is produced in small quantities, the costs are higher than producing in bulk.

FERRANIA P30® ALPHA is for sure aligned to the most expensive films on the market today. It is a premium cinema film manufactured following the original formula. It is structurally expensive, due to the cost of the base, silver and some other key components. And we are producing it in very low volume at this point in time.

In the near future the manufacturing process will be optimized and this will affect the price in a positive way.

It’s just a matter of time!

The shipping costs in EU are way too expensive! €14 per order - are you crazy?

The shipping costs to the rest of the world are way too expensive! €25 per order - are you crazy?

Today, we have just two warehouses available to ship to the entire globe. To avoid loss or delays in shipping, we needed to make simple prices that allow us to use the best-possible service in all cases.

We are working to lower these prices through specific agreements with partners in various countries - but we need some time to do this.

If you feel uncomfortable with our current shipping cost, it is perfectly understandable! We would ask for your continued patience while we put our products into local stores (physical and online) and work to lower costs around the world.

It’s just a matter of time!

Why this "VAT"?

This is the Italian government tax. The film is produced and shipped from Italy - so for all private customers in the European Union, the Italian VAT (22%) must applied to sales.

When the film will be available in various countries from local resellers, the VAT will be applied by the seller in the percentage of your country (i.e. in Germany is 19%).

To all of our global customers who saw VAT in their pre-orders, this issue has been fixed and only EU countries will see VAT information in the future.

I am a professional located in EU, why can't I input my International VAT number to avoid these charges?

The current version of our shop is intended for private customers only. We will be adding VAT lookup and tax-exemption features to our shop in the coming month.

If you have a valid VAT number and wish to receive a PDF invoice detailing the charges so you can eventually recover VAT, please email

Why do you only have one product? Where is 120 film? 4x5 film?

FERRANIA P30® ALPHA will be released in 35mm still to begin. As we mature beyond the ALPHA version to the "final" version, we will introduce other formats.

It’s just a matter of time!


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