FILM Ferrania is proud to announce its first product,
FERRANIA P30® in a limited ALPHA edition.

FERRANIA P30® ALPHA is an 80 ISO panchromatic black & white motion picture film for still photography, and reintroduces the legendary P30 film produced by Ferrania during the 1960s.

With its cinema pedigree, ultrafine grain, and very high silver content, FERRANIA P30® ALPHA has no peers in the modern analog film market.


The Meaning of ALPHA

In the gallery below and in photos our early testers will share online, you will see various defects in the pre-production batch of film. Primarily you will see scratches in the film, and you will see varying degrees of overall contrast, depending on how these early rolls were processed.

Just like software goes through Alpha and Beta stages, we expect our P30 film to go through these same stages. However, we want to make it perfectly clear that the worst of these issues are being resolved before sales begin.

In the coming days, we will share numerous updates from the factory, explaining the problems you see in the sample images below, as well as the solutions that are being created every day to ensure that the film you will purchase is amazing.

That said, this film is an ALPHA edition for a clear reason. When the shop launches, every customer will be invited to share their experiences with us - and this data will be fed directly to the factory team.

When released, the data you provide will directly affect the progress of this film from ALPHA, to BETA, to the final product.



The First Results

Despite the problems noted above, these early sample images clearly show the underlying beauty of FERRANIA P30® ALPHA. We will update this gallery on an ongoing basis to show the very best of our test rolls, and in the coming days, you will begin to see clear improvements.