The P30 Kickstarter Program

Solutions to the most common problems.

Here are the pieces you're looking for...

The Email

This is the email sent to all Backers of a film reward. The subject of this email is "A Special Offer to Kickstarter Backers." The red button at the bottom contains a personalized link that feeds your Kickstarter info to the form.

The Smart Form

This is the first page of the smart form. Once you land on this page, please complete each step until you see a "SUBMIT" button. If you make a mistake, look for the up/down arrows to step back through the form.

Problem #1


We have confirmed that 99% of all emails were sent successfully.

If you cannot find the email, please search your inbox - including your spam folder - for the subject "A Special Offer to Kickstarter Backers".

This simple search has worked in almost all cases so far!

Problem #2

"I searched and I still cannot find the email"


If you have searched your inbox for "A Special Offer to Kickstarter Backers" and found nothing, there are three potential reasons.

  1. You pledged a "non-film" reward, like the Postcard from Italy or the "Donation" reward. You can check your Kickstarter account to confirm the reward you pledged. If this is the case, don't worry! Backers with non-film pledges will receive an email on Wednesday, February 8.
  2. Perhaps our email went to your spam folder and was automatically deleted after a day or two. If this is the case, email us at the address below and we'll resend the email to you.
  3. The email was sent to the address in your Kickstarter account. If you have changed your email address, but did not update your Kickstarter account, then perhaps you can check your original inbox. If not, email us at the address below to be added to the resend list.

Problem #3


We have discovered that some PC browsers have trouble with the custom-encoded link to the form. If you are receiving an error when you click the link, please forward the email we sent you to the address below and we will fix the link and send it back to you.

Problem #4

"I made an error when completing the form"


No problem at all! Simply re-open the form by clicking the button in the email and complete the steps again.

Each form submission has a time-stamp. If there are multiple entries from any user, we will use the LAST one and ignore the previous ones.

If you still have a problem finding the email or opening the form, email us at