Green Means Go!

Traffic lights are universal - green means go. 

The same is true for us.

Coating a simple layer of green emulsion on triacetate base material is a critical first test because it involves 99% of our equipment and services related to the coater. These services - water, electric, gas, climate control - were the origin of all delays we have accumulated in the past year.

It cannot be understated - this coating run is a very major milestone toward actual production. (As a bonus, we get a lot of material to make excellent green filters!)

The coating system is fully automatic: for each of the eight layers of the coater there is a pump connected to the central computer which sends the appropriate “dosage” to the extruder at the proper rate. The coated film is immediately frozen (to fix the layers) and then moves slowly through the many rollers in the drying tunnel.

An online infrared camera monitors the extruder to detect defects during the coating activity.

Here, Marco watches the output from the IR camera in the control room

The next step toward the making of an "industrial grade" color film will be the coating of a silver film - i.e., photosensitive - in two layers. The fundamental difference? None, except that our team will have to work in complete darkness.

This is not an easy task because we only have Ezio from the former LRF coater team, and a minimum of three people are necessary to run it. The other two are learning quickly…

We are very excited by our early results, but to go from 2 layers (black & white) to 8 layers (color) is a very big step with many variables. 

As the video says, wish us luck!

The FILM Ferrania Team

David Bias

New Yorker. Crazy for old cameras and analog film. But I love sci-fi. Go figure.