100 more years of analog film


Original video from FILM Ferrania's October 2014 Kickstarter campaign


"We are FILM Ferrania and we are in the process of building a new kind of analog film factory in northern Italy. To be viable for the long-term, this factory must be self-contained - producing finished still photo and motion picture products from nothing more than raw materials."

This was our opening statement when we launched our Kickstarter Campaign on Monday, September 29, 2014. Our campaign, unlike many others on Kickstarter, was truly about offering rewards, in the purest sense, in exchange for our Backers contributing to this long-term goal.

To achieve this goal, we required some critical equipment from across the old Ferrania campus in buildings that were slated to be demolished.

Excuse the cute names for these complex industrial machines...

Excuse the cute names for these complex industrial machines...

We are very happy to say that with the success of our campaign, we were able to purchase everything we need for the future of our company. With "Trixie," we will eventually be able to manufacture our own triacetate base material instead of purchasing it from third-party producers. "Walter" consists of hundreds of small machines, parts and accessories for large-scale production of emulsions. The parts collected from "Big Boy" will help us to expand the capacity of our "Little Boy" coater - which was originally built only for research and development.


What does all of this mean today?

1. All machinery purchased is for the future, not the present.
The first step is to produce film with the equipment already available in the LRF (our factory building), and we recently achieved this goal with the production of FERRANIA P30® ALPHA. The next step is to produce the Backer Rewards and only then will we begin to use Trixie, Walter and Big Boy to expand our overall production capacity.

2. All work leads to color!
Despite the long delays in restoring the LRF, we still have all of the components necessary to produce the Kickstarter batch of color reversal film. There remain a number of production issues we face, however, our ongoing production of FERRANIA P30® ALPHA is allowing us to address these issues, one by one - and with a simpler 2-layer B&W product, rather than with the complicated 16-layer color reversal film.

3. Rewards are truly rewards.
Many Kickstarter projects ask you to pledge your money for something necessary to make the reward you receive - but this was not the case for our campaign. In our case, we have everything necessary to make film. What we did not have was the ability to make enough film for long-term viability. As such, the rewards Backers will receive are simply the product of our long and extremely complicated task of downsizing and retooling the LRF to become a proper factory. The machinery purchased will be used later to expand operations and to achieve our goal of becoming self-contained and sustainable.

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We cannot begin to thank our Backers enough. Without this funding, there simply would be no FILM Ferrania today.