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To celebrate the end of a very long year, we have collected a special group of treats!

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One new Treat will be unlocked each day at Midnight UTC

We are a global company and UTC/GMT seemed like the only fair way to do this.

For your reference, current UTC Time is:


Most Treats are extremely limited in number!

In the spirit of fairness, winners for these very special limited Treats will be chosen from our Holiday 2015 List.

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(And since a bunch of folks were asking, we wanted to clarify that once you're on the list, you're eligible for EVERY drawing - no need to enter more than once)

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Enjoy your Holidays!

Wherever you are and however you may celebrate the end of 2015, we at FILM Ferrania wish you the very best.

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December 15, 2015

⋆ Treat One ⋆


Congratulations to
Daniel del Castillo

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Nicola Baldini's Ferrania Eura

Nicola has selected one of the New-In-Box Ferrania Eura cameras from his personal collection to offer to one lucky member of our community.

The kit includes everything shown, plus a personal note from Nicola.


December 16, 2015

⋆ Treat Two Unlocked! ⋆


Free Downloads

Over the past year, we've created a bunch of stuff that we haven't released to the public - until now. Browse the thumbnails below, and download anything that catches your eye!

This Treat will remain unlocked until December 31st at midnight UTC.



We've assembled a wide variety of sizes and aspect ratios to satisfy nearly any kind of screen.



A random collection of meaningless loops from the FILM Ferrania video archives.

Have fun with them!

Print-Ready Full Color Poster

Clicking this image will download a high-resolution PDF file that is ready to print however you like. The file has crop marks and is in standard "Press Ready" PDF format.

The poster is A2 size (420mm x 594mm) - quite large, but easily scalable to smaller A3, A4, and A5 sizes! Print one on your color laser or inkjet - or send it to a pro for printing, mounting and framing.

If you print one, please share a photo with us!


December 17, 2015

⋆ Treat Three ⋆


Congratulations to:

Andrea Gorin • Mark Davies • Antti Pajula • Andrew Alderson • Kevin Caulfield • Erik Prestmo • Aaron Hock • Derek Smith • Catriona Riddell • Lissa McLaughlin

Custom Leather Camera Strap from Figosa

We have 10 amazing handcrafted leather straps made by our friends at Figosa.

Each strap is 110mm of super high-quality Italian leather embossed with a vintage 60s Ferrania logo on one end, and Figosa's stamp on the other. 

These straps are available nowhere else in the world!


December 18, 2015

⋆ Treat Four ⋆


Congratulations to:
Jen Golay • Reinhold Roppert • Koji Kuroda • Matt Fattori • Arthur Andrews

Laboratorio Ricerche Fotografiche”
 Edition of 5

We have made five archival-quality B&W prints from the above photo of The LRF - FILM Ferrania's new home base. Each A4 format print will be signed and dated by founders Nicola Baldini and Marco Pagni.


December 19, 2015

⋆ Treat Five! ⋆


Congratulations to:
Dennis Stein

Corrado's Lab Coat

One person will be selected to receive one official Ferrania lab coat worn by Corrado Balestra during his time at the LRF. The coat features a 3M-Ferrania logo and several chemical stains, but has been freshly laundered.

  The actual coat you will receive.

The actual coat you will receive.

Corrado Balestra's contribution to FILM Ferrania cannot be understated.
As our main "chef," his creations will soon be available to the world.

The drawing for this prize will take place just after midnight UTC December 20.
To be eligible, make sure you've filled out the form at the top of this page. 

Good Luck!


December 20, 2015

⋆ Treat Six ⋆


Congratulations to:
Filippo Natali • Juli Werner • Matti Lattunen • Daniel Cuthbert • Heather Polley

Vintage Ferrania Test Prints

We have selected 5 original 3M-Ferrania color photographs from a cache that was discovered by our team during the exploration of the old campus.  Each winner will receive one original vintage print - not reprints from the scans you see above.

Tens of thousands of these kind of test prints were made by technicians during the lifetime of Ferrania. Most were destroyed once they were evaluated.

These five are among the survivors. Please handle them with care.


December 21, 2015

⋆ Treat Seven ⋆


Congratulations to:
Annie France Noël

One Brick from Big Boy

Above is shown one brick from the former industrial coater building at Ferrania, which we have dubbed "Big Boy." The photo below shows the location from which it was taken.

This brick will arrive wrapped in paper along with a certificate of authenticity signed by the FILM Ferrania founders.


December 22, 2015

⋆ Treat Eight Unlocked! ⋆