While the film industry has been hit hard by the digital revolution, film is no more “dead” than oil paints or vinyl records. FILM Ferrania aims to put the “film is dead” myth to rest, once and for all. The articles below point to two clear factors that support this claim.

Across various professional industries, film remains viable and desirable.

A long list of professionals and institutions across both the motion picture and still photographic worlds continue to use film for clear reasons that have nothing to do with nostalgia. Film remains a superior form of capture in terms of latitude and malleability in a digital workflow for both filmmakers and photographers. Film remains the most stable, least expensive, and most environmentally sustainable form of archival storage. Film remains a popular medium for photographic education from community darkrooms to university curricula. Film remains the safest way for many professionals to document damages for insurance and/or legal purposes.

A younger generation of active and connected enthusiasts embraces film every day.

These new film fans “grew up digital,” but many find that film allows for ways to express themselves that that digital capture does not. Evidence of this new audience is visible at Lomography, or any Urban Outfitters store in the US. This new generation buys film in many ways that do not “register” on the sales data collected by the traditional photographic trade organizations, but a simple search of the word “film” on popular photo sharing website flickr yields more than 11.5 million results.


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Perhaps the best individual article to read is one of the oldest, but direct from Kodak:

“The irony is that a small film company would have the opposite problem [of Kodak]. Someone who decided to get into film, and can make it as well as Kodak, would be growing and would be able to justify all sorts of investment.”  - Scott DiSabato, Kodak Marketing Manager


PDN Online - 05/02/12


“35mm is ... still the stock of choice for really huge productions that want to look good” - Vadim Rizov, Staff Writer

39 Movies Released in 2014 Shot on 35mm

Filmmaker Magazine - 01/15/15

“Preserving one minute of digital image costs 11 times more than preserving one minute of film.” - Paolo Cherchi Usai, Senior Curator for Motion Pictures, The George Eastman House

“Film works for the story. It has a texture to it and softness that resembles how we see things. We don't see things as sharply as digital." - Michael Satrazemis, Director of Photography, AMC series
The Walking Dead

Kodak Pursues Indies for Film Sales

Democrat and Chronicle - 03/14/15

“Pro Photographers typically select one or more of those films to achieve a particular look and feel in order to distinguish themselves from other shooters.” - Audrey Jonckheer, Worldwide Communications Director, Kodak

Manufacturers Talk about the State of the Film Photography Industry

The Phoblographer - 04/23/15

“...this love for film does not make such artists Luddites or the moviemaking equivalent of anti-vaxxers in a Big Pharma world. It simply means that they prefer one medium to another, the way a painter might choose oil paints over acrylics, or paper over canvas.” 

“...there is no digital archival master format or process with longevity characteristics equivalent to that of film..." - Scott Foundas, Chief Film Critic, Variety


Variety - 02/11/15

“...we have confirmed what we thought, which is that the recent growth in film sales can be attributed to the new users coming through.” - Steven Brierley, Director of Sales & Marketing, Harman Technology/Ilford Photo

Is Film Dead? Far from it According to Ilford’s Latest Survey

Imaging Resource - 02/02/15

"Everybody has a phone which will do pretty good images, so there is a bit more satisfaction to be able to say that this is a 'real photo' that I actually shot on film myself.” - Edgar England, Manager, West End Cameras, London


BBC News - 04/18/15

“2014 has seen a growth in the volumes of film and paper sold around the world, which has been very encouraging.”

Harmon Technology Press Release



“Film has tremendous balls. That’s just all there is to it. It’s like you say film is oak, digital is plywood” - Christopher Nolan, Director

Film Fighters, All in One Frame: J.J. Abrams, Judd Apatow, Bennett Miller, Christopher Nolan and Edgar Wright

The Hollywood Reporter - 12/17/14

“I do think film itself sets the standard for quality. You can talk about range, light-sensitive, resolution—there’s something about film that is undeniably beautiful, undeniably organic and natural and real.” - J. J. Abrams, Director


The Movies - 08/05/14

“[Fuji] expects digital camera sales to fall 57% to 2 million units. In comparison, the company plans to boost instant camera sales 30% to 3 million units.” - Shunsuke Inaba, Nikkei Staff Writer


Nikkei Asian Review - 07/17/14

Kodak’s recent study of over 3,000 professional photographers revealed:

  • 55% prefer the results that film provides over digital

  • 19% use film cameras for over 60% of their work

  • 45% prefer to use film


Images and Cameras - 02/03/14

“Both Lomography and Kodak Alaris have pledged an unwavering commitment to keep production of a large variety of photographic film emulsions alive and kicking in the 21st century.”


Photography Monthly - 11/13/14

“I think too there’s a certain reaction against digital technology and culture and there’s a whole DIY thing going on especially in North America and Europe.” - Stephen Kerr, Toronto Photographer

Instant Film Making a Comeback in a Digital-Dominated Market

The Globe and Mail - 09/01/14


“China’s appetite for film has a lot to do with a landmark reform in 2009, which pledged to provide universal health care." - Robert Salmon, Carestream

All of a Sudden, China Is Importing Vast Amounts of Photographic Film From the US

Quartz - 12/13/13

“...Ilford's ... smaller plant enables them to exist in a world of a smaller analogue market, whereas Kodak's plant/s are now massively overkill...”

A Silver Lining - Ilford Factory Tour 2013

Dave Parry Photography - 11/17/13


“... an increasing number of very young photographers, who have grown up solely with digital photo technique, are now discovering film as a photographic medium. Digital is everyday life for them, nothing special, and therefore also a bit boring. They are looking for new, exciting experiences in photography, and finding that in film.”

Photokina 2012 Recap

APUG - 10/10/12

"Film sales are growing month on month, film for us is our biggest selling category by quantity, in every country. Lomography worldwide sales across all departments grew 15% in the last year.” - Heidi Mace, Online Manager for Lomography UK

Lomography: Film Sales Increasing

Techradar - 01/24/12

"It’s fair to say that in recent months and years, there has been a serious resurgence in the popularity of analogue film. Along with the recent rise in popularity among amateurs, film still has a healthy market with various groups of people, including photography students and some professional photographers.” - Gabriel DeCosta, Product Manager for Fuji's film division

Fujifilm: Film Sales Decline is Slowing

Techradar - 01/23/12