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When will P30 film go on sale?

As of today, February 6, we expect to launch the shop in a couple of weeks. We are running some final tests in the factory and when we know the exact date, we will announce it everywhere!

The best way to keep track of our progress is to follow our News, our Kickstarter updates, or follow us on Facebook.

What happened to producing color reversal film?

Nothing. We are proceeding with testing and eventual production of color reversal. However, while testing we discovered that our P30 film was quite lovely and when we showed just one sample image, the community responded in volume, asking to buy and shoot this "test" film.

Most of our team is not committed to producing P30 film in volume, but research continues on color reversal and once our warehouses are full of P30, our full attention will return to producing our first color products in four formats.

What film formats will you produce?

FERRANIA P30® ALPHA will be released in 35mm still to begin. As we mature beyond the ALPHA version to the "final" version, we will introduce other formats.

Our primary focus for all film is to produce four "core" formats: 35mm and 120 still film, as well as Super 8 and 16mm motion picture film.

These four films are just the start.  We are, in fact, designing our new factory to be flexible enough to produce almost any film format ever created.  We will have the capability to produce all cinema formats from 8mm to IMAX, and still formats 8x10, 5x7, 4x5, 120/220, 127, 135 and even 126.

We will be looking to you, the analog community, to decide when and if any of these formats (beyond the Core Four) are made. If you are, for example, a huge fan of 127, then you need to go out there and find your fellow fans and get them mobilized. When the time is right for us, we will put out the call...

Will you make 126 film?

Over time, this has become one of the most requested "dead" formats that people have asked us about.

For those who don't know, 126 film is basically 35mm that's in a cartridge. It was pretty huge in the 1970s and Ferrania produced it under the Solaris brand until around 2008.

The answer to the question is MAYBE.

YES, we have the equipment to make 126 film. We saved it from the old buildings and it's now in storage.

YES, we want to put this equipment back online and revive the 126 format. There are millions of working cameras out there, and for the many new people who are trying analog film for the first time, we think 126 is super convenient.

BUT, we are not yet standing on our own two feet. And to make 126 film, we cannot be just standing, we must be running full-speed...

SO, while we are encouraged by the outpouring of requests for 126 and while we most certainly intend to revive it - only time will tell.

Will you make C-41 film?



We must focus on one thing at a time while we get up and running. First let's see how the 100 ASA Chrome works out for everybody, then we'll try a couple more speeds and again see what people think. If we're successful to that point, then C-41 films are the next step!

Will you revive <defunct color film stock> at some point?

Unless that film was made by 3M-Ferrania at some point in the past, the answer is "Sorry, but no."

Your favorite defunct color film from Kodak, Fuji, Agfa or any other historical manufacturer is not something that can be recreated by FILM Ferrania for a wide variety of reasons, but most of the reasons relate to one of these three factors:

  • The intellectual property is still owned by someone else or is otherwise simply not available any longer.
  • Some element of the chemistry is no longer available, or may even be illegal.
  • The machinery and processes that make the film simply don't work that way. They are specific to each manufacturer and not interchangeable.


Can I test film for you?

Of course everybody loves free film! And we will love nothing more than putting some of it in the right hands. When the time is right, we will publish something here on our website outlining our policies for testing and any other promotional uses.


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