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When will you begin making film?

We are on course to turn on the machines and make our first test batches in early Autumn 2014.

We will make an announcement soon about the schedule for commercial products.

What's the hold up?

The machines in the former research building that we now occupy have been out of use since 2006, and restarting them is not simply a matter of throwing a switch.

Once everything has been restored, we also need some time to test everything extensively.  

We have been at work for over a year now and we are very very close...

What's the Italian Government have to do with this?

Regione Liguria, the local branch of the Italian Government, has been the most amazing partner FILM Ferrania could ask for. They feel a great need to keep this historic product "Made in Italy" and have supported our team as we lay the groundwork to restart.

They have worked with us and Ferrania Technologies to schedule the destruction of the old buildings on a timeline that allows us a really good chance at getting all of the pieces we need to build the new kind of film factory we envision. 

They want FILM Ferrania to restart and they're doing everything they can to help us.

What film formats will you produce?

To begin, we will manufacture 35mm and 120 still formats, as well as Super 8 and 16mm cine formats.

These four films are just the start.  We are, in fact, designing our new factory to be flexible enough to produce almost any film format ever created.  We will be looking to you, the users, to decide what's next.

Can I test film for you?

Everybody loves free film!  When the time is right, we will publish something here on our website outlining our policies for testing and any other promotional uses.


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