Why p30 alpha is alpha. 

P30 is an incredibly rich and flexible film - ready for the world. You can see the amazing results in the gallery below.

This is what we hope to see when you get your negatives:

Obviously, we have not spent years testing this film in every possible combination of camera, environment, lab, developer, darkroom or scanner.

We are finding that the cinema heritage of this film means that processing is very important to obtaining the best results.

Following the Best Practices PDF will yield consistent results, and so of course we suggest you or your lab use the tested chemistry and methods in this document. 

We also know many of you will push and pull and try to "break" the film. We know labs around the world use an enormous variety of techniques to process and scan your film.

We need the film community to help us learn more.

7 things to get the best from p30 alpha

  1. Download the PDF
    Print it, keep it on your phone, give it to your lab and check back frequently! We will update this PDF as new data arrives, so make sure you always have the latest version.
  2. Use a manual camera
    We highly recommend a fully manual 35mm camera - or at least a camera that gives you some control over either ISO, aperture or shutter speed. If your camera automatically sets ISO - take notes, remember to communicate this with your lab, and please share your results!
  3. No motorized cameras if possible. We have seen some cheap motorized cameras tear the film.
  4. Shoot the film at 80 ISO
    If you want to shoot at another ISO, go ahead! Just make sure your lab has the PDF to process correctly.
  5. ALPHA has no DX Coding
    ALPHA is not for cameras that set ISO automatically unless you have a manual option. Use these cameras at your own risk - and please share your results!
  6. If you process film yourself...
    We think this is best! Please use one of the developers and methods shown in the PDF. If you choose not to use this information, please share your results!
  7. If you send this film to a lab...
    Please consider using one of our test labs listed below. If not, make sure your lab has the PDF - or tell them to contact us and we'll send it to them directly.

Test Labs

We want to thank the following labs for helping us to understand the best ways to process P30 film. In these early days, we recommend that you send your film to one of these labs (or see #6 above!)